Financing the Commons


How to use Asset Management to develop the Commons? Are Commons assets? Looking back on centuries of exploiting limited natural resources the answer might be "No". Looking forward to widen the Commons by renewables, social and private Commons, the answer may be: "Yes!" The Commons finance dilemma is obvious. Only by exploiting existing Commons the taxes and private contributions can be generated to finance the protection of Commons. One solution: Composing a Commons portfolio to intermediate between existing, developing and future Commons.

Two instruments will be proposed:
1) The composition of a National Commons Product as a total of natural, social and private public goods. That will be a serious challenge for the volatile and monetary current GDP. A Global Commons Index will enter the international index benchmarks. The index is looking for national partners to measure their local commons.
2) The launch of a Global Commons Fonds consisting of different asset classes such as real estate, stocks, private equity, credit and microcredit, state securities, bonds and development aid. The first fund will raise Sfr 10 billion and finance the development of local commons in three continents. The Commons Fund is looking for local projects to fund.


Note: During the Forum and due to the feedback the Project Hosts of Financing the Commons and of Telepatholgoy decided to work as one group in the workshop and use Telepathology as an example for the Finance workshop. So both, the results and the feedback for the results accord to the new Project: Finance the Commons. Example Telepathology.

Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)
Results of the workshop (pdf)
Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Alexander Dill,