Access to Pathology Expertise. How can we turn this luxury into a global commons?

The success of medical treatment crucially depends on accurate diagnosis by an experienced pathologist. This is particularly true for tumour surgery, transplantation medicine, and diagnosis of infections. For numerous patients, access to pathology expertise is a matter of life and death, and it often has profound impact onto their prognosis and quality of life. Despite its fundamental importance, access to pathology is a luxury. In many regions of the world only a few or even no pathologists at all are available for millions of people, and even in highly developed countries “pathologists are an endangered species”. Telepathology can help to ease this problem and turn access to pathology expertise into a global commons.

In our workshop we would like to discuss:
· How can a global telepathology network be implemented and managed to help approaching the ideal of equal access to pathology expertise for all global citizens?
· How can we generate sufficient public awareness for this complex issue to mobilize the necessary political interest and financial support?


Note: During the Forum and due to the feedback the Project Hosts of Financing the Commons and of Telepatholgoy decided to work as one group in the workshop and use Telepathology as an example for the Finance workshop. So both, the results and the feedback for the results accord to the new Project: Finance the Commons. Example Telepathology.

Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)
Results of the workshop (pdf)
Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Dr. Jaques Paysan, Carl Zeiss Microimaging and Dr. Agostino Faravelli,


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