collective intelligence

All projects were composed as follow: Interactive plenary session, workshop session, interactive plenary session. This process guaranteed a maximum of participation, interactivity and allowed to integrate their collective intelligence of all participants to gain feedback and ideas. The project-hosts gave a 5-minute presentation to the plenum where the participants were equipped with laptops connected to a computer-based network. All contributions were available immediately. They can also be  downloaded below  or in each project describtion. In the moderated project-workshop that followed the first plenum the project hosts worked on hands-on tasks, formulated questions and draft challenges. In the second plenum presentation the project-hosts gained feedback from the plenum focussing on the question how individuals may offer their support to the tasks at hand.

29 September

The Commons as the new narrative for the 21st century 


Invitation to Global Spirituality

New Mobility

Eco-Social Market Economy

Futuro 8.000 - EcoSocial Brazil


Stop talking. Start planting.

Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

30 September

Financing the Commons

Creative Commons - More than Music

Redesign ECOSOC



More taste - less meat (former:once a week without meat)

Su:Sol - Sustainability Solutions


The commons as the new narrative

Feedback on all project presentations

Feedback on all results presentations


Feedback on all project presentations

Feedback on all results presentations